Joint Workshop

Domains VIII and Computability Over Continuous Data Types

September 11 - 15, 2007, Novosibirsk


The Workshop Domains series is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. It focusses on domain theory, its applications and related topics. It will be combined with topics based on the German-Russian project Computability Over Non-discrete Structures: Models, Semantics, Complexity supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The Workshop will take place at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences located in Akademgorodok, which is formally a district of Novosibirsk.

Conference Topics:

Topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to:
domains and topology for semantics realisability
effective domains and spaces proof mining
computation over the continuous spaces constructive mathematics and its semantics
program semantics computability theory
models of sequential computation computable models
lambda calculus admissible sets

Invited Speakers:

Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana) The Role of the Interval Domain in Modern Exact Real Arithmetic
Ulrich Berger (Swansea) A Domain-Theoretic Characterisation of Strong Normalisation for the Lambda-R-Calculus
Martin Escardo (Birmingham) Infinite Sets That Admit Exhaustive Search
Peter Hertling (Munich) Continuous Reducibility of Functions
Jimmie Lawson (Baton Rouge) Directed Complete Completions
Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) Neoclassical Domain Theory
Atsushi Yoshikawa (Fukuoka) A Computability Flavoured View on Sobolev Spaces (+ slides)

Programm Committee:

Yuri Ershov Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk
Sergei Goncharov Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk
Achim Jung University of Birmingham
Klaus Keimel (Chair) Darmstadt Technical University
Ulrich Kohlenbach Darmstadt Technical University
Andrei Morozov (Co-Chair) Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk
Victor Selivanov Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University
Dieter Spreen University of Siegen

Workshop Secretary:

Alexei Stukachev Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk (

Contributed Talks:

Thomas Anberree Total Correctness for Sequential Real Programs
Bodil Biering An Analysis of Cartesian Closure in Dialectica Categories
(+ slides)
Jens Blanck Effectively Stable Algebras
Eyvind BriseidProof Mining and Effective Metric Fixed Point Theory
Cristian S. Calude
Helmut Jürgensen
Ludwig Staiger
Topology on Strings
Yixiang ChenDomain Semantics of Possibility Computations
(+ slides)
Ernst-Erich Doberkat
Christoph Schubert
Bisimilarity, Behavioral and Logical Equivalence for Stochastic Right Coalgebras
(+ slides)
Tanja Grubba
Effectivity on Subsets and Continuous Functions in Computable $T_0$-spaces
Klaus Keimel
Artus Rosenbusch
Thomas Streicher
Deriving Predicate Transformer Semantics for $pGCL$ from its Direct Semantics
Ulrich KohlenbachRecent Applications of Proof Theory in Nonlinear Analysis
Margarita Korovina
Oleg Kudinov
The Uniformity Principle for $Sigma$-definability with Applications to Computable Analysis
Petter Kristian KøberUniform Domain Representations of $l^p$-Spaces
Oleg Kudinov
Victor Selivanov
Anton Zhukov
Definability in the Homomorphic Quasiorder of Countable Labeled Forests
James Laird Bidomains and Non-deterministic Computation
Laurentiu LeusteanProof Mining in Nonlinear Analysis
Andrei MorozovOn $Sigma$-Presentable Structures over R, C, and H
Bernhard Reus,
Thomas Streicher
A Synthetic Account of Sequential Domain Theory
Vladimir SazonovNatural non-dcpo Domains and f-Spaces
(+ slides)
Victor SelivanovOn the Wadge Reducibility of k-Partitions
Dieter SpreenOn Effectivity and Continuity of Multifunctions
Lei Yinbin
Luo Maokang
A Note on Coherent Domains Generated by $T^{kappa}$
Lei Yinbin
Luo Maokang
Rough Concept Lattices and Domains
Martin ZieglerNon-Uniformly Computable Analysis

Tentative Schedule

is available here.


Conference Proceedings will be published as a special issue of 'Annals of Pure and Applied Logic'. Papers can be submitted after the Workshop. They will be refereed according to the usual standards of the Journal.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submissions December 15, 2007

Registration fee

There will be a registration fee of 85 Euros for covering expenses. For participants from Eastern Europa and the former Soviet Union we set the fee 300 Russian Roubles. PhD students do not pay a fee. If the fee is a problem, please contact the organizers for a possible arrangement in advance.


All participants will be accommodated in the Hotel "Zolotaya Dolina'' ("Golden Valley") situ­ated at a walking distance from the workshop venue. The Organizing Committee reserved for each of the participants a single room (semisuite) which is 1185 Roubles per night. In case you prefer different accommodation, please inform the Ogranizing Committee ( For example, the (reduced) price for a suite (single or double) in "Zolotaya Dolina" is 1680 Roubles per night.

Local transportation

Participants will be met at the Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" and taken to the hotel by special transport. The Organizing Committee asks the participants to inform in advance about arrival date, time and flight number to arrange the meeting at the airport.
If, by some reason, you will not be met, you can take bus 808 to Akademgorodok. Its terminal stop is "Gostinitsa Zolotaya Dolina" ("Golden Valley Hotel"). If you wish to take a taxi, please note that the normal cost does not exceed 500-600 Roubles (about 15-20 Euros).
To get to Akademgorodok from the Novosibirsk Central railway station, take a (small) bus 15 or 1015.

Credit cards and currency

Although credit cards are not widely accepted, this is not a problem to receive cash at ATM or in bank. There are several banks near the hotel, and most of them work with Visa, MasterCard, and some other popular systems.
It is very easy to exchange US dollars or Euros into Roubles. The closest office is on the ground floor of the hotel. Approximate rates are the following: 1 USD = 26 RUB, 1 EUR = 35 RUB. If you want to change cash into Roubles, please bring only new money, having no defects, scratches, ink or other marks, holes, ultraviolet defects, etc. Otherwise a bank may refuse to change your money or offer you a reduced rate (usually about 90–92% of the original rate).
Never change money illegally at streets; your profit will not exceed 1–2% but you may be cheated!

Additional information:

Weather forecast

for Novosibirsk, Moscow, and other Russian cities is available here.


The electric current in Russia is 220 V (50 Hz). Plugs and sockets are the same as in the Continental countries of the European Union.

Time difference

Time in Novosibirsk is 6 hours ahead of GMT.

Organizing Committee

Andrei Morozov (Chair), Alexander Kravchenko (Co-Chair), Pavel Alaev, Ekaterina Fokina, Alexander Gavrjushkin, Asylkhan Khisamiev, Margarita Korovina, Oleg Kudinov, Galina Morozova, Veta Murzina, Sergei Podzorov, Alexandra Revenko, Alexei Stukachev, Marina Stukacheva


Address: Joint Workshop Domains VIII
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
4, Acad. Koptyug avenue
Russia, 630090


+7 383 333 28 94
Fax: +7 383 333 25 98


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